2 MAZES WILL BE AVAILABLE (4 Miles of Trails)
One for the younger and One for older children and adults.  The children’s maze will be a separate maze.  Click Here for the past mazes that we had the pleasure to create for maize’rs…  Prices and Hours are available at this link.


  • Use backpacks instead of strollers for babies and toddlers.  Or heavy duty strollers with big wheels.
  • Bring plenty to drink! It can get very hot in the maze!
  • Take your time. You can find your way out.
  • There are NO shortcuts or quick exits.

Enjoy the exercise, the farm fresh air, and the challenge of solving the Schaefers Family Farm Corn Maze!

*If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, asthma, arthritis, claustrophobia, or have small children, please be aware that the Mazes can be strenuous.